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Compared with regular TFT LCD display, AMOLED display module has below good features:

  • Super thin: mainly used for smart wear and handheld products which has thickness limit. For example, a 1.39 inch round AMOLED module with a thickness of 0.68mm.

  • Power-saving: since the AMOLED display is self-luminous, oled module is very much power-saving.

  • Good color saturation: The AMOLED display has very good color and displays the effect.

Of course, according to the analysis of oled display module datasheet, AMOLED also has some disadvantages too such as low qualification rate, expensive price, limited production capacity, long delivery time.

With display experience since 2003, for different projects, we, as one of top LCD panel manufacturers, evaluate carefully and recommend the most suitable displays for your project. They can be TFT LCD display modules, can be OLED screen modules. 

Our mission is not to provide what you want, we provide what you need. Our products include thin LCD display, large oled display module, round oled display module, small oled display module, transparent oled display module, oled character display, i2c color display, oled dot matrix display, etc. And we can provide competitive oled display module price for you.

Types of AMOLED/OLED Display Module

FAQs of AMOLED/OLED Display Module

  • What OLED display do you have?

    Kingtech has 0.95inch 120x240, 1.1inch 126x294, 1.2inch 390x390, 1.3inch 360x360, 1.39inch 454x454, 1.65inch 348x442 and 1.78inch 368x448 OLED display SPI.

    We can also custom LCD module according to your demands.

  • What is the life time of the LED backlight?

    Normally it's 20000 hours. It means after continuously working for 20000hours, the brightness reduced by 50%. Actually, most devices don't work 24 hours per day. So, life will be even longer than 20000 hours.

  • Does the OLED display power-saving?

    Yes, the OLED does not have backlight, so it can power-saving and the thickness is very thinner. 

Application of AMOLED/OLED Display Module

Types of AMOLED/OLED Display Module

Kingtech has AMOLED display such as 0.95inch 120x240, 1.09inch 120x240, 1.1inch oncell 126x294, 1.2inch 390x390 with hole, 1.28inch 416x416, 1.3inch 360x360, 1.39inch 454x454, 1.41inch 320x360, 1.6inch 320x360, 1.65inch 348x442, 1.78inch 368x448 for smart watch application. 

Custom made touch screen is welcome.

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Types of AMOLED/OLED Display Module