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Kingtech provides different sizes of round display including circular LCD display module 1.22inch 240x204, 3.34inch 320x320, 3.4inch 800x800, 5.0inch 1080x1080, 9.45inch 1540x1540 and round AMOLED display for smart watch display 1.2inch 390x390, 1.39inch 454x454. Among various circular LCD touch screens, the circular LCD screen small has been welcomed in the market.

For most of the above round LCD display modules, we, as one of top LCD panel manufacturers, can provide an HDMI board for customers to do a quick test and decide whether the effect of circle LCD display meets their requirement or not.

If you need a circular LCD screen, our 1.39inch round AMOLED display module, 3.4inch circular TFT display is with an existing capacitive touch screen. For the rest items, we, being a round LCD display manufacturer, can develop a round LCD panel according to your requirement. 

Types of Round LCD Display

FAQs of Round LCD Display

  • What kind of round display do you have?

    Kingtech has 1.2inch 390x390, 1.22inch 240x204, 1.3inch 360x360 & 240x240, 1.39inch 454x454, 2.47inch 480x480, 3.34inch 320x320, 3.4inch 800x800 and 5inch 1080x1080 round LCD displays.

    Kingtech also can custom the round TFT LCD display module according to customer's requirements.

  • Does the round display have touch panel?

    Yes, the 1.39inch 454x454 and 3.34inch 800x800 round LCD screens are capacitive. For the other round displays, we can OEM according to customer's requirements.

  • What's the round display used for?

    Normally it used for wearable devices, but also most customers used in Automotive, medical or other devices.

Application of Round LCD Display

Types of Round LCD Display

Among these round display, 3.34inch and 3.4inch are MIPI DSI interface widely used for smart home application as thermostat like NEST thermostat. 

1.2inch and 1.39inch round AMOLED display is the MIPI interface most suitable for smart wearable devices.

The big round display 5.0inch with MIPI interface and 9.45inch with LVDS interface is widely used for some special device such as smart mirror, smart clock, and so on.

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Types of Round LCD Display