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Kingtech Group Co. Ltd., a professional China TFT LCD display supplier, has been specializing in 1.2-10.4 inch TFT LCD screens since 2003. We have good resources: a strong R & D team and a high-level management production base with ISO9001, ISO14001, and TS16949.

We, being an LCD panel company, have High Brightness LCD Display, SPI LCD display, Round LCD Display, Bar Type LCD Display, Sunlight Readable LCD Display, IPS LCD Display, and Transflective LCD Display. If you want to buy the special TFT display modules, get in touch with us to get the best TFT LCD display prices. We also receive the order for the custom LCD module.

We also offer small and middle-sized TFT LCD display modules from 0.96inch to 10.4inch including sunlight-readable, round, IPS, bar type, IPS, transflective and etc. Our products application includes: the smart home, high-end wearable device, industrial, medical, handheld devices, POS, car industry, etc.

Welcome to contact us to learn more about the TFT LCD display/monitor/panel/screen price.

Types of TFT LCD Display Module Wholesale

  • Standard Display +
    out sheath, we supply a full range of low voltage 0 . 6 / 1kv from one core to five cores. The cross-linked polyethylene PvcXLPE insulated cable features a plain annealed twisted and sold circular cop...
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  • Round LCD Display +
    Kingtech provides different sizes of round display including circular LCD display 1.22inch 240x204, 3.34inch 320x320, 3.4inch 800x800, 5.0inch 1080x1080, 9.45inch 1540x1540 and round AMOLED display fo...
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  • Bar Type LCD Display +
    Kingtech provides different categories of TFT LCD display modules including portrait LCD display, landscape LCD display, bar-type display, also called ultra-wide display, the sunlight-readable display...
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  • Sunlight Readable LCD Display +
    Kingtech is an LCD manufacturer of various kinds of display modules mainly for small-size LCD displays and middle-size LCD displays; square, rectangle, and round LCD displays; OEM and ODM TFT displays...
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  • IPS LCD Display +
    IPS (In-Plane Switching) TFT LCD display provides is with good features such as free viewing display angle, high color quality display effect, power-saving, and quick response timeKingtech TFT LCD dis...
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  • Transflective LCD Display +
    Kingtech Transflective TFT LCD display module is more and more widely used in our overseas projects. Especially for outdoor application which requires sunlight-readable display. Compared with the regu...
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Custom TFT LCD Displays Solutions Kingtech Offers

KING TECH is a TFT LCD IPS supplier solution specialist since 2003, we are the group company combined by

  • An Innolux authorized LCD panel&IC distribution company

  • An LCD panel cutting factory

  • A Display marketing and oversea sales company

  • A PCBA hardware&software design company

  • A Display module production factory

Work with us, you'll get the real one-stop service of TFT LCD china! We will help you have your own custom TFT display.

We Provide Different Kinds of Custom TFT Display Services

  • If needed we can make custom size tft displays for customers, we have a good relationship with original TFT display module factories, and we can negotiate with them to tool up an LCD panel mask. The tooling cost will be very high and paid by the end customer, and MOQ is at least 25K/lot.

  • We are capable to change every structure of the TFT display module. To increase backlight brightness and make it sunlight readable, the highest brightness we’ve ever reached was 6500cd/m2.To change the display FPC shape and length. To customize a resistive touch panel(RTP) or capacitive touch panel(CTP/PCAP), we have a long-term cooperation supplier to work with us on such tooling, for CTP, we can also make different shapes and thicknesses of cover glass, single touch, and multi-touch, AG/AR/AF is also available.

  • With our own PCBA hardware& software design company, we can design different kinds of TFT display modules for our customers, from simple convert boards to complete motherboards, from HDMI driver boards to Android controller boards, from non-touch function boards to capacitive touch function boards, they are all part of our working.

  • We have our own TFT display module panel and driver distribution department, if you want to switch to another structure of display, we can also help, cause we know which TFT display module panel and the driver is more match, and which suit’s supply is more stable, which one we can get the lowest price.

In conclusion, if you have any custom TFT LCD displays inquiry, welcome to contact us at any time.

Industrial TFT Display Solutions

In order to give the customer the best support, Kingtech, as one of the best TFT LCD IPS suppliers in China, also can provide industrial solutions such as developing a mother board, serial port UART board, T-CON board, HDMI board, and monitor according to the customer's requirements.

  • Kingtech also has existing industrial solutions for the PV135 motherboard, PV901 Linux board, and PV804 motherboard. They can be connected between Raspberry pi and our TFT display module, which can make them work together.

  • For serial port UART board, Kingtech has a 2.8inch 240x320 LCD with serial port UART board, 3.5inch 320x480 module with serial port UART board, 4.3inch 480x272 display with a resistive touch with serial port UART board, 7inch 800x480/1024x600 TFT with capacitive touch with serial port UART board.

  • For exisiting monitor products, Kingtech has 8inch 1280x800 IPS monitor, 10.1inch 1280x800 monitor, 15.6inch 1280x800 LCD monitor, 12.3inch 1920x720 IPS 850nit LCD monitor, 18.5inch 1366x768 1000nits LCD monitor.

  • For the HDMI board, Kingtech has a 1.39inch 454x454 AMOLED round with HDMI board, 3.34inch 320x320 TFT round with HDMI board, 3.4inch 800x800 TFT round with HDMI board, 5inch 1080x1080 TFT with HDMI board, 4.3inch 800x480 TFT with HDMI board, 5inch 800x480 LCD with HDMI board, 7inch 800x480/1024x600 LCD display with HDMI board, 10.1inch 1280x800 LCD module with HDMI board.

Above all TFT display modules with board products can be used for industrial equipment, medical, smart-home, or others. Kingtech can also have industrial custom TFT display solutions according to the customer’s requirements. Ware is welcome to contact us. If you are interested in any tft display module products, we can negotiate with you at a reasonable TFT LCD display price. Thank you.

Is TFT Display Good?

TFT vs AMOLED Display

TFT display module is a Thin Film Transistor, and AMOLED is Active-matrix organic light-emitting Display. The TFT display module is backlight-on the liquid crystal panel; AMOLED is a panel that emits light on its own; TFT display module structure is more thick and strong, AMOLED is very thin and also weak, TFT display module is used widely than AMOLED, AMOLED is used in consumer products the most, like a smartwatch, mobile phone, and TV.

TFT vs IPS Display

IPS is In-Plane Switching, It is also known as free viewing angle, which means the viewing angle of the display on 4 sides is the same, a normal display has its best viewing angle like 6 o’clock or 12 o’clock. While the TFT display module contains normal viewing angles and IPS display,IPS display is a kind of TFT display module.

TFT vs LCD Display

TFT display module belongs to LCD, LCD is Liquid Crystal Display, it contains mono(single color) LCD and color LCD, single color LCD is barely used now, and color  LCD has STN and TFT two types. Therefore, TFT display module is a kind of LCD display.

TFT vs OLED Display

OLED is Organic Light Emitting Display, it is a display that emits light on its own, and it does not need an extra backlight, so it requests lower power consumption than TFT display module but its lifetime is shorter than TFT(5000 hours), AMOLED is a kind of OLED but it is more colorful. TFT display module requests a backlight to light on and power consumption are higher than OLED, but its lifetime is much longer(20000 hours).

TFT vs LED Display

The LED display is working by lighting up the LED lights, the TFT display module is lighted up by the backlight and the liquid crystal starts to work and shows contents. TFT display module has brighter and more true color, and lower price and LED display has lower power consumption, smaller heat, and longer lifetime.

Advantages of TFT Display

Compares to other types of display, TFT display module is the more widely used, it can be made in different shapes and sizes, from very small sizes to big sizes. The resolution now is higher and higher, and the price of custom TFT display modules is more and more competitive. Its lifetime is longer than the OLED display, and its color is brighter than OLED.

FAQs of TFT LCD Display Module

  • How can you guarantee stable supply of TFT display module?

    1-We have a very good TFT display module source. We always check and choose the most stable supply LCD panel in the beginning;

    2-When EOL happens, usually we will get notification from the original manufacturer 3-6 months in advance. We prepare another LCD brand solution as a replacement for you or recommend you to do the last buy if your annual quantity is small or even tool up a new LCD panel if your annual quantity is big.

  • Can I connect your displys to Raspberry Pi?

    Many Kingtech displays already have HDMI board to connect with Raspberry Pi directly. If not, we can also develop one for you.

  • What is your after-sale service on TFT display module?

    We offer 12 months warranty. If the problem happens, we will analyze the samples and provide reports with short-term and long-term solutions.  

    If it is our product problem, we will do the replacement. Kingtech is a responsible LCD display supplier whose TFT display modules have good quality.

Digital TFT LCD Display Module Applications

Types of TFT LCD Display Module Wholesale

Kingtech is a professional TFT LCD IPS supplier whose TFT display modules are widely used.

  • Our 1.2inch 390x390, 1.3inch 360x360, and 1.39inch 454x454 AMOLED display modules round can be used for smartwatch;

  • For 2.0inch, 2.4inch and 2.8inch TFT display modules, they can be used for medical devices and POS machines;

  • For 4.82inch 480x1120 TFT display modules, can be used for a smart home.

  • Kingtech also has 3.34inch 320x320 and 3.4inche 800x800 TFT display modules round which can be used for the thermostat;

  • For 8inch, 9inch and 10.1inch TFT display module, they can be used for automotive devices and industries;

  • There are also 4.3inch, 5inch, and 7inch common types that can be used in the elevator or industries.

TFT Display for Bike

More and more people are doing outdoor sports and green travel. The electronic instrument of bike has gradually become a trend, and the application of display screen in bike has also arisen. Brightness is the most important consideration when it comes to displays used on bike. Kingtech  has several sunlight readableTFT display modules that are perfect for bike: 1.77 inch 128x160 1100nits high brightness TFT display for bike, 2.4 inch 240x320 1300nits high brightness TFT display for bike, 3.5 inch 480x640 1200 nits high brightness TFT display modules for bike, 4.3inch 320x480 1000~2000nits high brightness TFT display modules for bike.

TFT Display for Home User

Smart Life: Do it in a small screen! With the intelligent home, the application of display screen in home is more and more widespread. For example, our 7 inch TFT display module can be used as a Thermostat, 2.4 inch TFT display module can be used as a smart lock, our 3.5 inch TFT display module can be used as a remote control. 

TFT Display for Motorcycle

If the display screen is applied to a motorcycle, it has high requirements for product brightness, contrast and color gamut. Motorcycles are outdoor products, so the display screen must be visible in the sun to be used. Kingtech has different size of sunlight readable TFT display modules that can be used on motorcycles: 5 inch 800x480 1000nits TFT display module, 7 inch 1024x600 1000nits TFT display module, 8 inch 1200x1920 2000nits TFT display module.

TFT Display for Factory Automation

Industrial automation is widely used in industrial production automatic control, automatic adjustment device, to replace manual manipulation of machines and machine systems for processing and production trend. So our display screen will also be used in industrial control products, the quality of the display screen will also become higher. Medium-sized display screens are the most popular for industrial products: 7 inch 800x480 TFT display module, 10.1 inch 1280x800 TFT display module, 10.4 inch 1024x768 inch TFT display module, 15.6 inch 1920x1080 TFT display module.

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Types of TFT LCD Display Module Wholesale