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Kingtech is a high standard LCD display supplier and manufacturer, and we have been in this field of TFT LCD module display since 2003. We have different standard display types and provide 1.22 ~10.1 inch LCD standard display & custom size TFT display service, with high quality and reasonable price. Our mission is to provide customers with top-quality standard LCD displays and one-stop solutions. Establish a joyful and sustainable platform for our employees. 

We have our own TFT LCD panel cutting and etching factories, backlight factory, CTP and optical bonding factory. We, as a LCD display manufacturer, can provide top-quality standard TFT LCD panel. And our Long-term Strategic Partner is CHIMEI, INNOLUX, HannStar, BOE, TIANMA, SHARP, Samsung etc. Since we have long term of producing standard LCD displays and build a close business relationship with those LCD panel original manufacturer. Therefore, we always get a good source and good information about LCD panel supply.

And we have over 95% of products customized by our big R&D team, including TFT LCD module display. For now, we concentrate on updating our standard display types, mainly for higher-level applications such as smart home, medical, industrial and car industrial applications. Our existing standard LCD displays include 10.1 inch 1200x1920 HDMI ips LCD display, high brightness 1000nits IPS 3.5 inch 320x480 LCD display, 480x800 resolution 4.3 inch full view angle LCD display, all view angle 1.39 inch 454x454 round AMOLED, full view angle 2.8 inch 240x320 TFT LCD display, etc.

Standard Display Types

What is A TFT Display and How TFT Display Works?

What is a TFT display? 

TFT LED module display (Thin Film Transistor) is a thin film transistor type liquid crystal display, each pixel of it is driven by a thin film transistor integrated behind it. TFT LCD module display generally refers to the thin film liquid crystal display, but actually refers to the thin film transistor (matrix) that can actively control each independent pixel on the screen, which is also called active matrix TFT (active matrix TFT). The basic principle is very simple: the display screen is composed of many pixels that can emit light of any color, as long as each pixel is controlled to display the corresponding color the purpose will be achieved. The main components of a TFT screen include a backlight, light guide plate, diffusion film, prism film, an alignment film, liquid crystal material, thin film transistor, etc.

How TFT Display Works? 

When the TFT LED module display is powered on, the backlight emits white light, which illuminates the entire screen through the light guide plate. The diffuser film softens the light. The prism mode ensures that the light can go in the correct direction, and then the polarizer filters out light in other directions. The TFT LED module display controls the voltage of the sub-pixels according to the needs, affects the degree of twist of the liquid crystal molecules, and controls the brightness of the light. When light passes through the liquid crystal and passes through the color filter, there is red, green, and blue light. The last layer of the polarizer only allows horizontally polarized light to pass through, and the TFT LED module displays the picture.

FAQs of Standard Display

  • What is the custom TFT LCD displays process?

    1. Evaluating by our engineer: 1 day.

    2. Send you drawing for approval: 3-5 days.

    3. Send samples for approval according to your customization requirements.

    4. Trial order: 6 weeks.

    5. Repeat order: 4-6 weeks.

  • What do I get if I work with Kingtech to buy standard LCD display?

    1. A long term and win-win business partner.

    2. Perfect standard LCD display solutions for your application.

    3. Dedicated sales and technical team for fast communication.

  • What's your standard LCD factory's production capacity?

    Standard LCD display module: 800,000pcs/Month.

    Capactive touch panel : 500,000pcs/Month.

  • Why are Kingtech's standard LCD displays higher in price?

    • Most of our standard LCD display projects are industrial applications, not the consumer.  

    • The material we are using is all A grade from formal channels, with strong anti-shock capacity, anti-high-temperature capacity, high reliability and very low rate of reject.

    • Every single piece standard LCD display will be inspected carefully for more than 5 times. Reliability test will be done for all new projects.

Application of Standard LCD Display

Standard Display Types

Kingtech standard LCD display products are widely used. For example, our 3.5inch IPS, 4inch IPS and 4.3inch IPS displays can be used for Blackbox. It’s very popular in Korea market. We also have some high brightness such as 4.3inch 480x272 800nits, 5inch 800x480 1000nits, 7inch 800x480 1000nits which can be used for the outdoor device. Our 10.4inch 1024x100 product can be used for the advertising machine.  

TFT Display Review

Standard Display Types
  • Clients from Brazil

    The quality seems to be excellent. I had no chance to perform a full test yet, but very happy with presented quality so far. Excellent purchase.

  • Clients from The United States

    Outstanding company, product and customer service. Very difficult parts to find in the United States and I received in less than a week. Very satisfied and would do business with again.

  • Clients from Canada

    Very satisfied with product quality and performance. Communications are clear and professional. Professional company. I am impressed.

  • Client C from Russia

    доставили быстро с надежной упаковкой.

  • Clients from Germany

    The product works as described. First test were successful.

  • Clients from UAE

    Summer was very supportive and very quick to reply to emails and queries. the delivery was very fast by Fedex to UAE Abu Dhabi. the quality of the displays is good.

  • Clients from Italy

    Thank you for the good news.  I have seen that you work very well and are very precise.  I have communicated your name to one of our suppliers, the company is called L. I suppose he will get in touch with you.-

  • Client D from Russia

    Very nice supplier. Very nice displays. I got complete satisfaction from the seller and from his perfect goods. My heartily recommendations.

  • Clients from South Korea

    Really superb supplier. cutting edge product. very fast and kind customer service.!!

  • Clients from Switzerland

    Perfect packaging and excellent products

  • Clients from Austria

    Well packaged and of a high quality

  • Client A from Russia

    Более 5 лет  сотрудничив с ООО Kingtech, она специализируется на ОЕМ по заказу с качественными услугами, она была доверяемым портнером!

  • Client B from Russia

    Получив образцы с крепкой упаковкой, проверив образцы нашими экспертами, они выражали должную оценку и одобрение по высококачественныму качеству.

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Standard Display Types