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Our 4.82 inch 480x1120 bar type LCD display is a very good design for a handheld device such as electronic remote control; 10.4 inches 1024x100 and 23.1inch 1920x158 ultra-wide LCD display is used for supermarket shelf and small appliances.

Also, some of our customers use smaller bar LCD displays such as 2.4inch, 2.8inch. They put a few pieces together on the same control board and make the bar-type display as they want. 

We, as a LCD screen supplier, can provide an bar LCD panel with a driver board and solution for you as a complete kit. Kingtech provides different categories of bar TFT LCD display modules including portrait LCD display, landscape LCD display, bar-type display, also called stretched bar LCD display, ultra wide stretched display, the sunlight-readable display also called high brightness display, transflective LCD module, and so on.

Types of Bar Type LCD Display

FAQs of Bar Type LCD Display

  • What kind of bar type LCD display do you have?

    Kingtech has 4.82inch 480x1120 and 10.4inch 1024x100 bar type LCD modules. They are used for advertising machine and intelligent household. We can also custom LCD module.

  • The LCD screen can be exported directly? What certification could provide?

    Liquid crystal products comply with the RoHS standard, can be directly exported. Our all products match the RoHS standards.

  • What express do you often use to send the samples?

    We usually ship samples by DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, or SF. We also use the customer's forwarder. Kingtech can be borne Shenzhen freight charge for samples.

Applications of Bar Type LCD Display

Types of Bar Type LCD Display

Bar type LCD display is one of our major category LCD display. Such ultra wide stretched displays are more and more widely used now as advertising displays, super market shelf displays, bank display, handheld devices, and so on.

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Types of Bar Type LCD Display