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For most of our displays, we can provide a touch screen together with our displays. We can provide both RTP resistive touch panel module and CTP capacitive touch screen module. 

The resistive touch panel is older technology. TFT resistive touchscreen is a kind of sensor that requires pressure touch. TFT touch panel does not support multi-touch. RTP is mainly used for industrial applications. It is more cost-effective and with less signal interference. 

The TFT capacitive touchscreen touch panel is a more advanced technology. TFT display touch screen works by using the body's current sensing and can be used to touch the display through the skin or other objects that can conduct electricity. 

We, as one of LCD panel manufacturers, have single touch, multi-touch, G+G, G+F, G+F+F structure touch display modules. Almost every project needs a custom-made touchscreen. We also can custom LCD module, and supply touch screen display module with thick cover glass such as 6mm. Also special treatments like anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, anti-UV light, or supporting special functions such as gloves operation, anti-Walter operation, and so on.

FAQs of Display Module With Touch Screen

  • What kind of capacitive touch structure do you have?

    Kingtech has G+G, G+F, and G+F+F for the capacitive touch. For the round and square size displays used for a smartwatch, we normally advised the customer to use G+F+F. If it’s large size such as 4.3inch, 5inch, 7inch, 8inch or 10.1inch, the best is G+G. The customers also can specify a structure.

  • What sizes of LCD do you supply?

    Kingtech manufactures the touch screen LCD display module from 1.2'' to 10.1inch. We also offer customer bar type LCD such as 4.82inch 480x1120 and 10.4inch 1024x100 and circular shapes such as 1.2inch 390x390, 1.3inch 360x360, 1.4inch 454x454, 3.4inch 800x800 and 5inch 1080x1080. Please talk to our sales person to find the perfect display for your needs. And we will offer you satisfying touch screen module prices.

  • Can you custom display module?

    Yes, Kingtech can custom display module according to customer requirements such as custom FPC, TFT LCD touch screen and Backlight, and so on.

Application of Display Module With Touch Screen

The TFT LCD touchscreen display can be used for 3D printer, medical device, handheld equipment, security system, industrial applications, smart home, POS machine and advertising.

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