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Security System

In recent years, more and more security system devices are introduced into the market, such as anti theft displays. The most common one is the security door lock with wireless alarm system, access control, and security phone system. Also CCTV display monitors have been one of the most welcomed security displays in the market.

Our IPS / free viewing angle LCD screen panel such as 3.5inch 320x480 LCD CCTV display, 4.0 inch 480x800 portrait displays, 4inch 720x720, 480x480 square LCD displays, 3.34 inch 320x320, 3.4 inch 800x800 circular TFT LCD display, 4.3 inch 480x272 and 4.3 inch 480x800 LCD display, 4.82 inch 480x1120 bar type kingtech LCD display are most popular items.

We also have big sizes such as 7inch 800x480, 8inch 800x1280, 10.1inch 1280x800 CCTV LCD monitors for security systems.

We can custom LCD for CCTV and multi-touch capacitive touch screens for the customers and give them satisfaction. As a supplier of LCD security monitor, we are able to produce qualified security LCD monitors, and offer perfect one-stop services fpr customers. If you want to buy display CCTV, or know more about retail display security, please feel free to contact us.

kingtech Display Security System

kingtech Display Security System

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