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Kingtech Transflective TFT LCD display module is more and more widely used in our overseas projects. Especially for outdoor application which requires sunlight-readable display. Compared with the regular transflective display, the transflective LCD module is a more power-saving and suitable handheld device. 

Transflective LCD display is characterized by a transparent reflector in front of the backlight.  Transflective TFT-LCD modules have both "transmissive" and "reflective" modes. In a bright environment, the incoming light is reflected and used to illuminate the LCD display. This makes our LCD display sunlight readable without turn on the backlight. In a dark environment, the backlight turns on, without slight brightness, the LCD display is readable. Both modes greatly help to save power. 

Our 3.5inch VGA 480x640, most customers use it as landscape 3.5inch VGA 640x480 transflective TFT LCD display module is the most welcome item. We can also provide custom LCD screens for this item. 

In order to save your time to develop a board testing our display, we, as a LCD screen manufacturer, can provide you, a demo board, together with our transflective LCD display. 

Types of Transflective LCD Display

FAQs of Transflective LCD Display

  • Can You Design The LCD Display In Accordance With Our Demand?

    Of course. As a professional LCD display company, Kingtech will give you the best tooling charge.

  • What Type Of Interface Is Your Display Screen?

    Small-sized displays generally support SPI, MCU, RGB, MIPI. Medium-sized displays generally support LVDS, MIPI, EDP. Different specifications use different interfaces.

  • What Is Your Mode Of Payment For Mass Production?

    Generally, after receiving a 30%-100% deposit from customers, we begin to prepare materials. Delivery is about 5 working days after receipt of the final payment.

Applications of Transflective LCD Display

Types of Transflective LCD Display

The transflective LCD module can be used for security system, medical device, handheld equipment, industrial control, smart home, and security system and POS machine. It can also be used in outdoor device.

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Types of Transflective LCD Display