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Hardware and Software Design

3.4inch round with Android board

3.4inch round with Android board

Application: Smart Home

Resolution: 800*800

Viewing angle: All ( IPS)

Brightness: 350nits
Interface: MIPI interfaces

Board: HDMI Board, Android & Linux Board

Touch: Capacitive Touch

Advantage of Kingtech LCD Module

With the development of technology, more and more users use smart devices to operate their all home appliances. This 3.4inch round LCD hardware is very popular in the smart home.

Our 3.4inch TFT hardware also has an existing Android & Linux LCD module. The board of LCD display software can be used as a mainboard so that you don't need to spend time to re-develop the board of LCD panel software. We, as one of the LCD display panel manufacturers, offer TFT & LCD software, such as LCD custom character generator software.

The board can test the 3.4inch touch function.

So that the round LCD display module has a big advantage in this field.

So, round type TFT LCD display driver with a very big advantage.

Application of Hardware And Software Design

We have developed various HMI control products and services with superior performance and compliance with certification requirements, including industrial control system, medical machine control, QR code LCD display device, 3D printer display module, smart home appliance.