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1.22 Inch 240*204 TFT Round Module Display

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  • pv12200sf13c
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  • pv12200sf13c

Kingtech 1.22 inch 240*204 TFT round module display supply is very stable. This 1.22 inch supports 3-line SPI Interface. In addition, the 1.22 inch TFT display module brightness is 150 nits, and this 1.22 inch screen is All/Free/Wide viewing angle/IPS type. For the touch part, we can also customize capacitive touch according to the customer's requirements.

Features of 1.22 Inch 240*204 TFT Round Module Display

  • TFT display

  • 240*204

  • Stable supply

  • All/Free/Wide viewing angle/IPS

  • small/tiny display

  • 3-line SPI interface

  • Smartwatch/wearable

  • Can custom capacitive touch

Specification of 1.22 Inch 240*204 TFT Round Module Display

Item Kingtech 1.22inch round lcd display 
Model NoPV12200SF13C
Resolution 240x204
Outline Dimension 33.66(H)x33.02(W)x1.45(T)
Active Area(mm)26.32(H)*30.96(W)
Interface 3-line SPI
Viewing AngleAll
Driving IC ST7789H2
Display Mode Transmissive/Normally white
Operating Temperature -20 to +70℃
Storage Temperature -30 to +80℃
Touch panelCan custom capacitive touch panel

Application of 1.22 Inch 240*204 TFT Round Module Display

  • The 1.22 inch 240*204 TFT display module can be used for Smartwatch and wearables.

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