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Kingtech 1.3inch 128x128 resolution TFT LCD display. It with stable production. This 1.3 inch TFT LCD display supports 4 wire SPI interface, GC9107 driver IC. It with all viewing angle. Mainly application for Smart home, handheld device, Smart watch. For the touch part, we can also customize capacitive and resistive touch according to the customer requirements.

Features of 1.3-PV01312W0313M

  • Small LCD display

  • IPS /Wide/All/Free viewing angle

  • Can custom resistive touch and capacitive touch

  • Medical, hand-held device, industrial, smart watch

  • Square shape

Specification of 1.3-PV01312W0313M

Item1.3 inch 128x128 SPI interface LCD display
Model No.PV01312W0313M
Outline Dimension (mm)27.8*32.50*2.0
Active Area (mm)23.42*23.42
Viewing AngleIPS
Interface4 wire SPI
Driving ICGC9107
PIN No.13
Operating Temperature-20~70C
Storage Temperature-30~80C
Touch screenCan custom resistive and capacitive touch screen
ApplicationMedical, hand-held device, industrial, smart watch

Application of 1.3-PV01312W0313M

  • The 1.3inch 1280x128 TFT LCD module used for Medical, hand-held device, industrial, outdoor, Elevator, Access Control device, advertising, ATM, E-bike, HMI, marine, POS terminal, thermostat, access control, elevator, video door, consumer electronics, Gas equipment, charging piles/engineering vehicles/ships, smart watch, automotive and 3D printer.

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