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  • pv116001h0330b 1
  • pv116001h0330b 2
  • pv116001h0330b 3
  • pv116001h0330b 4

Kingtech 11.6 inch 1920*1080 TFT module display supply very stable. This 11.6 inch supports eDPinterface. In addition, the 11.6 inch TFT display module brightness is 1000nits for outside, and this 11.6inch screen is all viewing type. For the touch part, we can also customize capacitive and resistive touch according to the customer requirements.

Features of 11.6-PV116001H0330B

  • Stable supply

  • 1000nits brightness/Sunlight readable/High brightness

  • Can custom resistive touch and capacitive touch

Specification of 11.6-PV116001H0330B

Item11.6 inch IPS 1920*1080 TFT display
Model No.PV116001H0330B
Outline Dimension (mm)267.9*164.5*6.1
Active Area (mm)256.32*144.18
Viewing AngleAll
Backlight4*12 LED
Driving IC/
PIN No30
Operating Temperature0~50C
Storage Temperature-10~60C
Touch screenCan custom resistive and capacitive touch screen
ApplicationMedical, hand-held device, industrial or outdoor, advertisement and thermostat, automotive

Application of 11.6-PV116001H0330B

  • The 11.6 inch 1920*1080 TFT display module used for Medical, hand-held device, industrial, outdoor, advertisement and thermostat, automotive, 3D printer.

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