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Kingtech 12.1 inch 1024*768 TFT display supply very stable. This 12.1 inch supports LVDS interface. In addition, the 12.1 inch 1024*768 TFT display module brightness is 350 nits, and this 12.1 inch XGA display is 6 O'clock viewing type. For the touch part, we can also customize capacitive and resistive touch according to the customer requirements.

Features of 12.1-PV012105Y0120F

  • 12.1 inchTFT display

  • 1024*768/XGA

  • Stable supply

  • 6 O'clock

  • LVDS interface

  • 350nits brightness/Sunlight readable/High brightness

  • Can custom resistive touch and capacitive touch

  • Medical, hand-held device, industrial

Specification of 12.1-PV012105Y0120F

Item12.1inch TN 1024*768 TFT display
Model No.PV012105Y0120F
Outline Dimension (mm)279.0*209.0*9.0
Active Area (mm)245.76*184.32
Viewing Angle6 O'clock
Driving IC/
PIN No.20
Operating Temperature-20~70C
Storage Temperature-30~80C
Touch screenCan custom resistive and capacitive touch screen
ApplicationMedical, hand-held device, industrial

Application of 12.1-PV012105Y0120F

  • The 12.1 inch 1024*768/XGA TFT display module can be used for Medical, hand-held device, industrial or others.

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