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Kingtech 2.4 inch 240*320 resolution TFT LCD display. It with stable production. This 2.4 inch TFT LCD module supports 4 Line SPI interface, ST7789V driver IC and 280nits. The 2.4inch QVGA LCD module with 12 O'clock viewing angle. Mainly application for Smart home, medical, industrial. For the touch part, we can also customize capacitive and resistive touch according to the customer requirements.

Features of 3.5-PV03501TD40B-R


  • 240*320/QVGA

  • Stable supply

  • 12 O'clock viewing angle

  • 4 Line SPI interface

  • Can custom resistive touch and capacitive touch

  • Medical, hand-held device, industrial, smart watch

Specification of 3.5-PV03501TD40B-R

Item 3.5inch 480x272 TFT touch screen
Model NoPV03501TD40B-R
Resolution 480x272
Outline Dimension 86.80(W)x56.50(H)x3.90(T)
Active Area(mm)77.79(W)x43.52(H)
Interface 24bit RGB interface
Viewing Angle6 O'clock
Driving IC OTA5180A
Display Mode TFT / Transmissive / Normally White
Operating Temperature -20 to +70℃
Storage Temperature -30 to +80℃
Touch screenResistive touch screen

Application of 3.5-PV03501TD40B-R

  • The 2.4 inch 240*320/QVGA TFT LCD module can be used for Smart home, Medical, hand-held device, industrial or others.

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