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Kingtech PV06803H0140D is bar type TFT LCD display. It is 6.8 inch with a resolution of 480*1280. It adopts IPS panel technology, with full viewing angle, that make you see clearly from all direction. Its brightness is 500nits, and can be customized.Its operating temperature is -20~70C, that enable it to be applied for all fields. Touch panel is optional. PV06803H0140D is widely used in home appliance, digital electronics, advertising displays, etc.

Features of 6.8-PV06803H0140D

  • Bar type, strip-shaped

  • IPS, normally black, negative display type

  • Full/Wide/All viewing angle

  • Bar type,strip-shaped

  • High brightness/Sunlight readable/Outdoor

  • Support MIPI interface.

  • Touch optional

Specification of 6.8-PV06803H0140D

Item 6.8inch 480x1280 bar type LCD module
Model No.PV06803H0140D
Resolution 480*1280
Outline Dimension (mm)66.7*181*4.7
Active Area (mm)60.22*160.59
Viewing AngleAll
Interface MIPI
Driving IC ICN9707
PIN No.40
Operating Temperature -20~70C
Storage Temperature -30~80C
Touch screenCapacitive touch optional
ApplicationIndustrial, Medical, refrigerator, washing machine, electric vehicle dashboards, digital electronics, advertising, computer sub-screens, vehicle and other products

Application of 6.8-PV06803H0140D

  • PV06803H0140D is widely used in home appliance, digital electronics, advertising displays, etc.

  • Such as refrigerator display panels, washing machine display panels, computer sub-screens, vehicle displays and other products.

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