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Kingtech 10.1inch 1024x600 IPS LCD Display

Kingtech 10.1inch 1024x600 IPS LCD display supply very stable. This 10.1inch supports TTL interface. In addition, the 10.1inch TFT module has exsiting HDMI Board. 

The life-time is 20000h, and this 10.1inch screen is All/Free/Wide viewing angle/Normally Black/IPS type. For the touch part, Kingtech Dispaly can custom the touch according to customer's requirements.

Features of Kingtech 10.1inch 1024x600 IPS LCD Display

All/Free/Wide viewing angle/Normally Black/IPS


Stable supply

HDMI board / Convert board

Application is for Agricultural equipment, game console

Can custom capacitive touch screen

Specification of Kingtech 10.1inch 1024x600 IPS LCD Display

Kingtech Diaplay, as one of LCD display panel manufacturers, has achieved great progresses in the field of LCD production. We promoise that we will provide the customers with qualified standard dispalys and satisfying one-stop services. Any requirements of specifications will be welcomed.

Item10.1inch IPS 1024x600 LCD display关键参数
Model NoPV101017LZR50Q
Outline Dimension235(W)× 143(H)× 4.5(T)y
Active Area(mm)222.72(W)× 125.28(H)
Viewing AngleAlly
LED life20000h
Display ModeTN / Transmissive / Normally Black
Operating Temperature-20℃~70℃y
Storage Temperature-30℃~80℃
BoardConvert Board/HDMI Boardy
TouchscreenCan custom capacitive touchscreen

Application of Kingtech 10.1inch 1024x600 IPS LCD Display

The 10.1inch 1024x600 IPS TFT LCD display can be used for agricultural equipment, medical device, game console and smart home etc.

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