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What Resolutions Does the 2.4 Inch TFT LCD Screen Have?

The 2.4-inch tft LCD display is a very common small-size display, which is currently widely used in household appliances, instrumentation, medical and other industries. There are also many questions about the parameters of the 2.4-inch tft LCD screen. Today, KINGTECH will tell you what resolutions the 2.4-inch tft LCD screen has.

1. 2.4-inch tft LCD screen resolution

The resolution of 2.4-inch tft LCD screen is relatively complete in small size, and the resolution of 2.4-inch tft LCD screen includes: 160x240, 222x480, 240x160, 240x240, 240x320, 240 ×400, 320 × 240, 320 × 426, 320 × 480, 480 × 234, 480 × 240, 480 × 360, 480 × 640, 920 × 234, etc. Are they particularly complete?

2. The most common resolution of 2.4-inch tft LCD screen

Although the 2.4 inch tft LCD screen has a complete resolution, it does not mean that every model is available in the market, because there are some models due to shortage of resources or discontinuation of production. Therefore, KINGTECH has also sorted out the common resolutions of 2.4-inch tft LCD screens for everyone, hoping to help you in the selection.

The common resolutions of lcd tft 2.4 include: 240*320, 480*640, 320*240, 320*480, etc. These models are widely used in the industry, and the resources are relatively sufficient, and there is no shortage of resources, etc. 

3. 2.4-inch tft LCD screen selection suggestions

When choosing the parameters of the 2.4-inch tft LCD screen, try to ask the manufacturer of the 2.4-inch tt LCD screen. At present, the mass production of this product, whether all materials are sufficient, and whether there is a risk of out-of-stock in the short term, if so, it is recommended to replace the parameters and models. The benefits of doing this must be obvious to KINGTECH, and everyone can understand it.

At present, Kingtech Group Co., Ltd. produces 2.4-inch tft LCD screen for a long time. This 2.4-inch LCD screen is portrait type, and the 2.4-inch screen is mainly used for handheld devices. Plus the 2.4-inch LCD screen can reach 800 Nm, so the 2.4-inch LCD can be read by sunlight.

The 2.4-inch tft LCD has existing capacitive touch. As a LCD display manufacturer, we also produce 3.5 inch touch screens to meet any custom requirements for touch screens. Welcome customers in need to come to consult, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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