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3.5-Inch LCD Screen's Three Major Application Industries

3.5-inch TFT display is currently one of the most widely used display products and is widely used. Many smart terminal manufacturers are looking for this size. When purchasing a 3.5-inch LCD screen, purchasers are more concerned about cost performance. Finding which 3.5-inch LCD screen manufacturer to buy is a question that every purchaser is very concerned about.

3.5-inch LCD screen belongs to a medium-sized type, and we all know that different sizes and specifications are suitable for different industries. The 3.5-inch LCD screen also has its own application in various industries. Today, let me tell you which industries are TFT 3.5 display applied in.

Application of 3.5-inch TFT display in the smart home industry

In smart homes, a 3.5-inch LCD screen is usually used, such as attendance machine, visual doorbell, and there are examples of using a 3.5-inch LCD screen in smart building intercom. The landscape screen is 320*240, and the brightness of the landscape 3.5-inch LCD screen can be relatively high. If you have higher brightness requirements, you can choose the landscape series of 3.5-inch LCD screens.

Application of 3.5-inch TFT display in the handheld industry

On the 3.5-inch TFT LCD display, there are landscape and portrait screens, and different resolutions are also applicable to different industries. The handheld industry generally uses portrait 3.5-inch LCD screens. The resolution of the 3.5-inch LCD screen is generally not too high because of its small size. The resolution does not need to be too high. The main resolutions are 320*480 or 480*850. There are also different TN and IPS types. The portrait series of 3.5-inch LCD screens are very suitable for the handheld industry, such as PDA, POS machines, etc.

Application of 3.5-inch TFT display in the instrument industry

The instrument industry has a large scale, such as gas detectors, law enforcement recorders, etc. There are also many 3.5-inch LCD screens used in the instrument industry, and different models of landscape and portrait screens can be used, usually portrait, which depends on the design of the terminal product.

There is no need to say much about the benefits of directly purchasing LCD screens from LCD display manufacturers. In addition to being more cost-effective, the quality is more guaranteed, and the pre-sales and after-sales services are more considerate. In addition, LCD display manufacturers provide the most value-added services to you. There are many more. Everyone can analyze rationally and come to the final conclusion.

KINGTECH's 3.5-inch TFT display can be widely used in various industries and provides customization services such as touch screens, circuit boards, ICs, etc. We provide free project evaluation services to customers to ensure that your design and product solutions can be implemented. Welcome to inquire!

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