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What Are the Differences Between IPS Display and TFT Display?

IPS display screens and TFT LCD screens are the victims of the business marketing war. Simply put, these two displays are actually the same display. The difference is that the TFT display is equivalent to the main body of the mobile phone display, and the IPS display is the technical name under the TFT display. So, IPS LCD is actually a kind of TFT LCD.

The differences between IPS display and TFT display screen are as follows:

(1) TFT is a thin film transistor. Generally speaking, most liquid crystal displays are called active panels, and the core technology of active panels is thin film transistors, also known as TFTs, which has led people to call active panels TFTs. Although this title is not appropriate, it has become common practice over time.

(2) And the work of TFT is that each liquid crystal pixel on the liquid crystal display is driven by the film transistor integrated in the back, that is, the TFT liquid crystal display. Simply put, TFT is to configure a semiconductor switching device for each pixel, and each pixel can be directly controlled by dot pulses. And because each node is relatively independent, it can be controlled continuously.

(3) IPS technology changes the arrangement of liquid crystal molecular particles, adopts horizontal conversion technology to speed up the deflection speed of liquid crystal molecules, guarantees the clarity of the picture during jitter, and has a strong expressive power. This technology eliminates the blur and spread of water ripples that traditional LCD screens will experience when they are exposed to external pressure and shaking. Because the liquid crystal molecules rotate on a plane, the IPS LCD display naturally has a good viewing angle performance, and the viewing angle of nearly 180 degrees can be achieved in the four axial directions.

Although the technology of the IPS liquid crystal display is very strong, it is still a TFT-based technology, and its essence is a TFT display.

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