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What is a TFT LCD Screen?

1. The meaning of LCD display TFT

TFT is thin film field effect transistor. Thin film transistor means that each liquid crystal pixel on the liquid crystal display is driven by a thin film transistor integrated behind it. In this way, high-speed, high-brightness, and high-contrast display screen information can be achieved. TFT is an active matrix liquid crystal display.

The LCD display TFT is a thin film transistor type liquid crystal display, also known as "true color" (TFT). TFT liquid crystal has a semiconductor switch for each pixel, and each pixel can be directly controlled by dot pulses, so each node is relatively independent and can be continuously controlled. Such a setting not only improves the response speed of the display, but also can accurately control the display color gradation, so the color of the TFT liquid crystal display is more realistic.

2. Development of LCD display TFT

In the fierce competition among numerous flat panel displays, why does TFT LCD display stand out? It is not accidental that TFT LCD screens become the mainstream display of the new generation, but the inevitable development of human science and technology and thinking mode. The liquid crystal has avoided the difficult light-emitting problem successively, using the excellent characteristics of the liquid crystal as a light valve, the light-emitting display device is decomposed into two parts, namely the light source and the control of the light source. As a light source, brilliant results have been achieved in terms of luminous efficiency, full color, and life. And the LCD display manufacturing is more and more advanced.

The backlight is constantly improving, from monochrome to color, from thick to thin, from side fluorescent lamp type to flat fluorescent lamp type. The latest achievements in luminous light sources will provide new backlight sources for LCDs. With the advancement of light source technology, newer and better light sources will appear and be used by TFT liquid crystal displays. The rest is the control of the light source, the technology and process of the semiconductor large-scale integrated circuit are transplanted, and the thin film transistor (TFT) production process has been successfully developed, and the matrix addressing control of the liquid crystal light valve has been realized. This technology solves the cooperation between the light valve of the liquid crystal display and the controller, so that the advantages of the liquid crystal display can be realized.

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