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How Can TFT LCD Display Be Visible in the Sun?

Many people have the experience that the content of the display screen cannot be seen clearly in strong sunlight. This phenomenon is the poor readability of the display screen under the sun. In many industrial scenes, the display screen needs to be used under strong outdoor light, which leads to a TFT LCD display that can be seen in the sun. Through years of professional research, Alsen has already proposed a solution for TFT LCD display to be visible in the sun:

1. Optical bonding principle of TFT LCD

The visual technology of sun readable LCD mainly uses the principle of optical bonding to improve the readability of TFT liquid crystal display in the sun. The principle of optical bonding is to increase the external contrast by reducing the brightness of the TFT liquid crystal display. At the same time, the bonding glass of the TFT liquid crystal display is glued on the surface of the polarizer of the TFT liquid crystal display with transparent optical glue. Makes the optical glue and the TFT LCD display bonding glass seamlessly bonded. And the AR layer is plated on the surface of the TFT liquid crystal display glass, which greatly reduces the light reflectivity, which means that the contrast ratio is improved.

2. Improvement of TFT LCD technology

Through the principle of optical bonding, the readability of daylight-readable liquid crystal displays under sunlight will be greatly increased. In this way, people can still clearly see the content of the terminal product from the TFT LCD screen under strong light, and the display effect will not be lost at all, which can meet the needs of the TFT LCD screen for outdoor use.

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