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Introduction to Three Types of LCD Liquid Crystal Display Modules

Character Touch Screen LCD Display Module

LCD character module is assembled by dot matrix character LCD display device, dedicated row, column driver, controller, and necessary connectors and structural components. This dot matrix character touch screen LCD display module itself has a character generator, with large display capacity and multiple functions. Typically, this type of module can display at least 8 characters in 1 row or 16 characters in 1 row. The dot matrix arrangement of this module is composed of groups of pixels arranged in 5×7, 5×8, or 5×11. Each group represents 1 character, with a spacing between each bit and a spacing between each row, so it cannot display graphics.

Generally, the module control and driver have a character library that has already been fixed with 192 character fonts. It also has a random access memory for users to custom create special characters, allowing users to build 8 characters with a 5×8 dot matrix.

Dot Matrix Graphic Touch Screen LCD Display Module

The dot matrix graphic touch screen LCD display module is also a type of dot matrix module where the pixels are continuously arranged without any spacing in the rows and columns. Therefore, it can display continuous and complete graphics. Since it is also composed of an X-Y matrix pixel, it can display characters in addition to graphics.

Segmental Display Touch Screen LCD Display Module

The digital display touch screen LCD display module is a functional component that is assembled by segment-type LCD display devices and dedicated integrated circuits. It can only display numbers and some identifier symbols. Segment-type LCD display devices are mostly used in portable and pocket devices. Since those devices have a small size, the display part should be designed as an integrated component as much as possible. Even if some application areas require separate display components, they should also have functions such as information reception, processing, storage, and transmission in addition to display functions. Due to their specific functions and popularity in the market, they have become widely welcomed.

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