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Did you know about the Bar LCD Display?

With the advancement of technology, the development of the LCD display industry is being promoted; and the bar screen is a new product under the development of technology. Nowadays, there are more and more places where LCD bar screens are used, such as buses, supermarket shelves, subway station signs, etc. Based on different places, uses, etc., LCD bar screens with different functions such as car-mounted bar screens and bus passenger screens have been derived.

The long bar-shaped advertising screen is, as the name suggests, a screen that displays advertisements in a rectangular shape. This screen is also called an irregular screen because it is different from our standard display screen. The original standard display screen size is 16:9, and there are some smaller sizes with a ratio of 4:3. Today, we are talking about screens with completely irregular screen sizes, which are bar screens.

The application of bar LCD displays in daily life

It is feasible to make a 1:1 square shape. It was originally used in the military industry, but now its technical means are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the screen-cutting technology is also very proper. This has brought a great impact to the market, so now we can see it everywhere when we go shopping, take a bus, subway, airplane, and even on the shelves of some convenience stores. It can be said to be ubiquitous. A bar LCD display refers to a bar-shaped LCD display with a aspect ratio larger than that of a regular display. Due to its various sizes, clear display, and rich functions, it is used in multiple industries such as retail, transportation, and banking, and its scope of use is expanding.

The combination of bar LCD displays and information release systems

Bar LCD displays support basic functions such as split-screen playback, time-based playback, timed power on/off, etc., as well as terminal grouping management, account authority management, and system security management; they also support extended functions such as material playback, multi-screen sync, and linked playback. With excellent hardware quality, comprehensive software functions, and powerful system customization capabilities, the application scenarios include retail shelves, subway platforms, bank windows, corporate elevators, and more.

As a supplier of bar LCD displays, we, KINGTECH, can provide bar LCD panels with driver boards and solutions as a complete package. Jintai provides different categories of bar TFT LCD display modules, including vertical LCD displays, horizontal LCD displays, bar displays, ultra-wide stretch displays, sunlight-readable displays, transreflective LCD display modules, and more. Welcome to consult online!

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