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What Are the Factors Influencing the Price of Bar LCD Screens?

With the continuous development of current technology, liquid crystal screens that need to broadcast information have emerged in many means of transportation. As cuttable and customizable products, bar LCD screens have been operating on various means of transportation, such as buses, subways, high-speed trains, planes, etc., becoming the mainstream carrier of bar LCD screens. However, the quality of bar LCD screens still has an impact on the price. Currently, there are also a variety of bar screen products on the market, and there are significant price differences between different manufacturers. This is a headache for consumers who do not know how to distinguish and select. Because each manufacturer has different price positioning in the production of bar LCD screens, the three major factors influencing the price of bar LCD displays are summarized below.

Pixel pitch of bar LCD display

The pixel pitch of a bar LCD screen is similar to the dot pitch of a CRT, but its importance for product performance is not as high as the latter. The number of pixels in an LCD display is relatively fixed, so as long as the size and resolution are the same, the pixel pitch of all products should be the same.

Response time of bar LCD display

Response time is a specific indicator of LCD displays, which refers to the speed at which the pixels of an LCD display react to input signals. Its unit is milliseconds (ms). The smaller the response time, the faster the pixels respond. However, with a longer response time, there will be more severe ghosting when displaying dynamic images (even the mouse cursor). Currently, the standard response time of bar LCD displays should be below 30ms.

Brightness of bar LCD display

Brightness is one of the important indicators reflecting the performance of long bar LCD screens. The brightness of LCD screens is measured in square candlelight or nits. The brightness is generally between 100 and 130 nits. It should be noted that data is not everything when it comes to product performance. A brighter product is not necessarily a better product. The key is whether the brightness is uniform, which cannot be found in the product specification. The uniformity of brightness is closely related to the number and configuration of light sources and reflectors. In places far from the light source, the brightness will inevitably be darker.

This is the summary of the factors influencing the price of bar LCD displays. It is believed that with the continuous development of technology, more and more industries will use bar LCD screens.

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