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The TFT LCD Screen is Scratched, How to Repair It?

The TFT LCD display is an old partner of smart electronic products. Almost all smart terminals need to use a TFT LCD display, and the surface of the LCD display itself is a fragile glass product. What should I do if the LCD display is scratched? How can we repair the LCD screen? Today KINGTECH will take everyone to discuss this issue together!

1. Use an eraser to erase scratches on the TFT LCD screen

Under normal circumstances, the TFT LCD display will be coated with a layer called polarizing film on the surface of the curtain. Generally speaking, small scratches will occur, so some details should be paid attention to in the treatment of scratches, so as not to cause further damage. You will need to clean the scratched area before turning it on. It is best not to use tap water or mineral water, because they contain impurities, which will damage the TFT LCD screen after scrubbing. It is recommended to gently wipe the filtered distilled water with a soft cotton cloth or lens cleaning cloth. If you want to wipe with a white pencil, you must use the rubber that will contain pencil graphite residue, which is very harmful to the TFT LCD screen. Use the eraser in the direction of the scratch. Be sure to go lightly until the chafing disappears.

2. Scrub the scratches on the TFT LCD screen with white vinegar

Some friends may use alcohol to scratch, but generally speaking, high-concentration alcohol will corrode the polarizing film, and if it is diluted, it is difficult to grasp the proportion of its solution. Therefore, cleaning products such as alcohol are not recommended. It is best to use white vinegar commonly used at home and mix it with distilled water in a ratio of 1:1. Then fold up a soft cotton cloth, dip it in white vinegar solution, and gently wipe off the scratches on the TFT LCD screen. If the scratches cannot be removed, you can increase the concentration of white vinegar and scrub with pressure. Remember not to use too much force. After rubbing, you'll also wipe it with a cotton cloth dampened with distilled water to remove the white vinegar solution, and then blot up the remaining liquid.

3. Toothpaste and Vaseline to wipe the scratches on the TFT LCD screen

Another method is to use a toothbrush to wipe off the scratches on the fluorescent screen, but the toothbrush on the market contains abrasives, which belong to calcium carbonate, which is a diamond-shaped particle that can grind out scratches like sandpaper. If you are worried about secondary damage to the TFT LCD screen, you can also choose oily Vaseline. Vaseline applicators do not require cotton cloths. Run your fingers over scratches longer. Then wipe off the Vaseline with a damp cotton cloth. After wiping off the vaseline, the TFT LCD screen will become brighter.

After understanding the above methods, do you know how to repair the scratches on the TFT LCD screen? Of course, these are only for relatively minor scratches. There is no way to repair severe scratches, unless the polarizer is replaced, and a TFT LCD professional is required to replace it. Remember!

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