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How to Prolong the Service Life of High Brightness TFT LCD Display?

Various industries have different requirements for the brightness of high-brightness TFT LCD screens. Some industries need to use them under strong light or sunlight, so they need to use bright fluorescent screens to make them visible in sunlight. High-brightness TFT LCD screens are somewhat different from ordinary LCD screens. Today KINGTECH will introduce to you how to prolong the service life of high-brightness LCD screens.

1. The temperature and humidity of the tft LCD display

Special attention should be paid to temperature and humidity in the operating environment of high-brightness TFT LCD screen. During use, strictly follow the working temperature and storage temperature indicated on the manual. Also, pay special attention to humidity. If the humidity is too high, steam will enter the machine and escape. This phenomenon is easy to damage the service life of the high-brightness LCD on the high-brightness TFT LCD.

2. Stable power supply for tft LCD display

As we all know, high-brightness tft LCD screens have higher current and voltage than ordinary LCD screens, so the stability of power supply and grounding is particularly important. Check the circuit frequently for damage. If there is a circuit failure, it should be repaired or replaced in time to prevent the failure of the high-brightness TFT LCD screen.

3. Do a good job in the daily maintenance of the tft LCD screen

In daily life, the high-brightness TFT LCD screen must be cleaned frequently. Try to clean it with alcohol and a dust-free cloth to prevent dust from entering. Normally, the high-brightness TFT LCD screen should be checked regularly. Make the screen go to sleep regularly to prevent staying on one screen for a long time, and pay attention to moisture protection during rainy seasons.

Through the above methods for daily protection, the method of controlling the use of high-brightness TFT LCD screens is also a cost-saving method. Reasonable protection can prolong the service life of high-brightness LCD screens and reduce maintenance costs. KINGTECH has a series of high-brightness products, welcome customers in need to come to consult KINGTECH customer service! We provide one-stop LCD display solutions. In the past 17 years, with LCD manufacturing as our center, we have gradually expanded to TFT capacitive touch screen, driver board, software and hardware design, and complete industrial computer solutions.

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