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Teach You 3 Steps to Test TFT Display Screen

With the widespread application of TFT display screen, more and more smart terminals are being purchased, and many purchasers have questions about testing TFT displays. On the one hand, they want to know how TFT display screen manufacturers inspect them, and on the other hand, terminal manufacturers with conditions must also perform their own testing after receiving goods. Today, let's talk about the TFT display testing method.

Visual inspection of TFT screen

Visual inspection is to inspect the appearance with the eyes, check whether the appearance is good, whether there are foreign objects, hair, dust, etc. problems, and also check whether the surface of the TFT display screen has scratches, is easy to tear, whether the surface protective film is correct, production date, model whether silk screen printing is required, etc.

TFT display electrical measurement

Electrical measurement is to check the TFT display by powering the motherboard or the display test box. It mainly looks at whether the display effect is good, whether there are bright spots, display anomalies, color uniformity, shadows, defects, etc. Electrical measurement is a very important part of TFT LCD screen testing, and problems can usually be quickly tested.

TFT display test

The most important part of TFT display testing is the test inspection. Generally, professional TFT display manufacturers perform constant temperature and humidity, 72hour power-on aging and other ORT reliability testing before leaving the factory to ensure that the product is reliable and stable, and is qualified after passing the test.

The above three methods are the common TFT display screen testing methods. When smart terminal manufacturers receive TFT displays, they can also perform this series of inspections. True gold fears no fire, and good products can withstand scrutiny.

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