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How to Boost TFT LCD Screen from Normal Brightness to High Brightness?

With the continuous development of display technology, the types of displays are becoming more and more diversified to meet the needs of different industries. Among them, TFT LCD screens are loved by industry end-customers for their high resolution, low power consumption, high stability, low cost, and high yield. If the TFT LCD screen is not bright enough, what should you do? This article tells you how to increase the brightness of the TFT LCD screen, hoping to help you learn more about the TFT LCD screen.

Increase the backlight brightness of TFT LCD screen

TFT LCD screens do not emit light themselves and rely on the backlight to shine. If the TFT LCD screen is not bright enough, the first consideration is to increase the backlight brightness. The backlight brightness depends on the number of LED lamps. The more lamps, the higher the brightness. However, it also depends on the structure of the TFT high-brightness screen and power consumption, so electronic engineers need to design it accordingly. The brightness of ordinary TFT LCD screens is generally between 200-400, while the brightness of high-brightness TFT LCD screens can reach around 500-1500.

Increase the brightness enhancement film of TFT LCD screen

Another method is to increase the brightness enhancement film material. The brightness enhancement film, also known as a prism film, light-increasing film, BEF, is composed of three layers of structure. The bottom layer of the light-incoming surface needs to provide a certain degree of haze through the back coating, the middle layer is a transparent PET base material layer, and the top layer is a micro-prism structure of the light-out surface. The key technology of the brightness enhancement film is the technology of carving diamond-shaped patterns on cylinders. Currently, the mainstream process for manufacturing the brightness enhancement film is to use the UV-curing adhesive process technology to mold it on the finished roller. Increasing the brightness enhancement film can also improve the brightness, but there is a limit to the improvement.

Is an LCD high-brightness screen better with a higher resolution? This includes color gamut, which is the range area formed by the number of colors that a high-resolution LCD screen can express, that is, the color range that a high-resolution LCD screen can display. Therefore, intelligent terminal products with higher color gamuts can display more colors, making the entire high-resolution LCD screen look more beautiful and gorgeous. To judge the quality of an LCD display screen, it is absolutely not just high-resolution LCD screens. A comprehensive assessment is required, and factors such as resolution, color gamut, and brightness need to be considered together. Is a high-resolution LCD screen always good? It cannot be said that it is always good or bad. Overall, a more detailed comprehensive evaluation is required.

If the TFT LCD screen is not bright enough, you need to find a reliable TFT LCD screen manufacturer to deal with it, and reasonable design is needed. Otherwise, even if the brightness of the TFT LCD screen is increased, it will affect the operation of the display screen and ultimately reduce the working life of the TFT LCD screen.

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