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Does Backlight Lifespan Directly Affect TFT LCD Screen Lifespan?

Many friends who purchase the TFT LCD screen often ask these questions: How long can TFT LCD screen be used? Does different use environments affect their lifespan? Or does the lifespan of the backlight affect the lifespan of the TFT LCD display? Let's learn together whether the lifespan of the backlight directly affects the lifespan of the TFT LCD screen.

The impact of the backlight lifespan on the TFT LCD screen

TFT LCD screen manufacturers must conduct reliability testing, such as accelerated aging tests, to ensure product quality and lifespan and provide reliable products to users. For example, for products with a target lifespan of 5 years, a 5-year fault-free accelerated test must be carried out. If the accelerated aging test is qualified, it proves that the product design is reasonable and can be shipped. At the same time, accelerated tests such as high temperature, high humidity, and low temperature are also conducted.

In an environment with a temperature of +60°C or +80°C and a relative humidity of 70% or 80% (constant temperature box), TFT LCD screens are placed and worked with voltage applications for 500 hours or 1000 hours to investigate the failure rate of the TFT LCD screen. The lifespan of the LCD display TFT is determined through these tests.

The experiment shows that the lifespan of the backlight source is not as long as that of the LCD display TFT. In other words, the lifespan of LCD display TFT depends on the lifespan of the backlight source. In accelerated tests using only cold cathode tube lights, it can be seen that the luminescence decreases to half its original brightness (equivalent to a lifespan of about 5 years), which is defined as the lifecycle. The lifespan of the general industrial LCD display is about 50,000-60,000 hours, and the lifespan of a liquid crystal television is about 100,000 hours. In addition, the lifespan of the TFT LCD display is often related to the user's usage status for other reasons. For example, the lifespan displayed on the screen will vary when it is continuously used for 24 hours a day compared to when it is only used for one hour a week.

Application industries of LCD-TFT true-color high-definition LCD displays

With the increasing demand for smart terminals, the use of LCD-TFT true-color high-definition LCD displays is becoming more and more widespread. This is mainly due to its excellent characteristics, yield rate, and price. Currently, LCD-TFT true-color high-definition LCD displays are widely used in industries such as industrial, mobile, smart home, transportation, and power. The displayed effect of the LCD-TFT true-color high-definition LCD display is good and the colors are rich. It is a core component with high reliability for many terminal products and is indeed true color.

As one of the high quality tft lcd lcd screen factories, KINGTECH produces the high-quality LCD display TFT with long lifespans and can also customize the industrial-grade TFT LCD display with long lifespans. We also provide custom services such as touchscreens, ribbon cables, and backlights. Customers with requirements are welcome to inquire!

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