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What Are the Core Components of an LCD Display?

Currently, LCD displays are commonly used products in the display industry. With the increase in utilization, more and more users are paying attention to LCD displays, and customers often ask what is the core component of an LCD display? Today, ELSUN will provide a detailed introduction to LCD displays and introduce the components of the LCD display.

Core component of LCD display - glass panel

Firstly, the important component of an LCD display includes the glass panel. This panel is usually cut into small pieces from a larger one. Currently, there are many manufacturers of LCD display panels, who can provide LCD display panel products with different viewing angles and resolutions.

Core component of LCD display - ribbon cable

The important component of an LCD display also includes its ribbon cable, which is the FPC. FPC can be customized according to customer requirements. The board interface of each terminal product may be different, so the PIN definition of the LCD display is also different. Generally, the LCD display manufacturer will customize the ribbon cable of the LCD display according to its requirements.

Core component of LCD display - IC chip

Every high brightness LCD screen has an IC chip. This is the brain of the entire LCD display. It stores all the driver programs, and the IC chip can usually be customized. Generally, the IC chip is a monopolistic industry, and there are only a few new IC chip manufacturers. Occasionally, there may be a shortage of chips.

Core component of LCD display - backlight

The backlight of the LCD display does not need to be said more. It is mainly used to control the brightness of the entire LCD display. The glass panel is not independently illuminated, but needs to use the backlight of the LCD display to display the corresponding content. It can be seen that the components of the LCD display are composed of glass panels, ribbon cables, IC chips, and backlights.

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