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How to Choose the Interface Type for TFT Color LCD Display?

The TFT color LCD screen is used as the display window and interactive entrance of ordinary smart terminals, so different smart terminals have different interfaces. How to choose the interface type for TFT color LCD display? In fact, there is a rule for TFT color LCD screens. The following KINGTECH will introduce the interface rules of the TFT color LCD display, hoping to help you choose this product.

1. The interface of small size TFT color LCD display

The interface of the small-size TFT color LCD display is generally a screen below 3.5 inches, but the interface resolution of this small-size TFT color LCD display is low, so it does not need a high transmission speed. Therefore, low-speed serial ports such as RGB, MCU, and SPI are used. The coverage is below 720P.

2. The interface of the medium-sized TFT color LCD display

Generally speaking, the interface of a medium-sized TFT color LCD screen is between 3.5 and 10.1 inches, and the resolution of the interface of an ordinary TFT color LCD screen is also very high, so the transmission is relatively fast. Commonly used interfaces such as MIPI, LVDS, and EDP. MIPI is widely used in vertical display screens, LVDS horizontal screens are widely used in EDP, and high-resolution color LCD screens are generally used.

3. Large size TFT color LCD display

Large-size TFT color LCD display refers to a display screen of more than 10 inches. Large-size TFT color LCD displays generally use HDMI, VGA and other interfaces. In addition, the interface type is very standard and can be used directly without conversion, which is convenient and fast to use.

Our Kingtech Group Co., Ltd. has been producing small and medium-sized TFT lcd color displays for a long time. The interface types are complete, and we support customized services such as touch screens, backlights, and cables. Welcome customers in need to consult KINGTECH's customer service!

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