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Imaging Principles of Liquid Crystal Display

1. The introduction of LCD liquid crystal display

Liquid crystal (abbreviation: LC) was discovered in 1888. After more than 100 years of development, the liquid crystal material display function has been practical. The current liquid crystal display (abbreviation: LCD), especially the thin film transistor liquid crystal display (abbreviation: TFT-LCD) has become the mainstream product of flat panel display (FPD).

2. The imaging principle of LCD liquid crystal display

Liquid crystal is a kind of organic compound between solid and liquid. It turns into a transparent liquid when heated, and turns into a crystalline cloudy solid after cooling. Because of its physical properties of liquid and crystal, it is called "liquid crystal".

Under the action of the electric field, the liquid crystal molecules will change in arrangement, thus affecting the change in the intensity of the incident light beam passing through the liquid crystal. This change in light intensity is further manifested as a change in light and shade through the action of the polarizer. Accordingly, by controlling the electric field of the liquid crystal, the light and dark changes of the light can be realized, so as to achieve the purpose of displaying the information of the liquid crystal display. Therefore, the liquid crystal material acts like a small "light valve". Because there are control circuits and driving circuits around the liquid crystal material. When the electrodes in the liquid crystal display generate an electric field, the liquid crystal molecules will be twisted, so that the light passing through it will be refracted regularly (the optical rotation of the liquid crystal material), and then filtered by the second layer of polarizers and displayed on the liquid crystal display. on the screen.

It is worth noting that the liquid crystal material itself does not emit light, so the LCD liquid crystal display usually needs to configure an additional light source for the display panel. The main light source system is called "backlight module".

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