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The Future Development Direction of LCD Liquid Crystal Display

1. Introduction of LCD liquid crystal display

In 1970, the first practical liquid crystal display was manufactured. The early liquid crystal display had unstable performance, and were not suitable for mass production. Until the steady liquid crystal material biphenyl was found, LCD technology had a qualitative leap. Liquid crystal display thereby widely appears in computers, gaming devices and watches. Along with an unprecedented booming of LCD technology, liquid crystal display products gain a lot of attention, and are widely used in aspects such as commercial advertisements, live broadcasts, traffic guidance, stage performing, etc. What about the future development directions of LCD liquid crystal display?

2. Future development direction of LCD liquid crystal display

The future development direction of LCD liquid crystal display is intelligence and monitoring. Although present demands for LCD are near saturation, along with research and development of new products and breakthrough of new demand market and application environment, new chances will appear in liquid crystal display market. Where there is an opportunity, there is challenge. Along with industry competition intensifies, the future liquid crystal display market will continue to keep growth trend. In the coming years, industrial concentration of LCD will rapidly promote. As key soldier in security monitoring display area, market development state of liquid crystal display will directly affect security industry direction. Outdoor liquid crystal display has inimitable advantages in LCD industry for developing intelligent transportation, and is the important development direction in LCD field.

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