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The Color Display Principle of LCD Liquid Crystal Display

Ⅰ. The monochrome display principle of LCD liquid crystal display

LCD liquid crystal display is a liquid crystal pumped between two flat surfaces lined with tiny grooves. The grooves in the two planes are perpendicular to each other, and light generally travels in the direction of the molecules, so light is twisted 90 degrees as it passes through the liquid crystal. When a voltage is applied to the liquid crystal, the liquid crystal molecule will rotate and change its light transmittance, so as to achieve the multi-gray scale display of the liquid crystal display. LCD liquid crystal display usually consists of two perpendicular polarizers. The polarizer acts as a fence, blocking the wavelengths of light as required. For example, block the lightwave component perpendicular to the polarizer fence, and only allow the lightwave component parallel to the fence through. Natural light emanates randomly in all directions. Two perpendicular polarizers should normally block all-natural light trying to penetrate. However, because the two polarizers are filled with twisted liquid crystals, the light passing through the first polarizer is twisted 90 degrees by the liquid crystal molecules, and finally comes out of the second polarizer.

Ⅱ. The color display principle of LCD liquid crystal display

For a laptop or desktop LCD liquid crystal display, a more complex color display is needed. In terms of color LCD liquid crystal display, it is necessary to have a special color filter layer for processing color display, that is the so-called "Color Filter", also known as "Color Filter film". In a color LCD liquid crystal display panel, each pixel is usually composed of three LCD liquid crystal cells, each of which is preceded by a red, green, or blue (RGB) filter. In this way, the light passing through different cells can show different colors on the screen. Color filters with black matrices and common transparent electrodes are generally deposited on the front glass substrate of the display. Color LCD liquid crystal display can create colorful pictures in high-resolution environments.

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