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What is Reflective Liquid Crystal Display?

1. What is a reflective liquid crystal display?

The reflective liquid crystal display is a passive display, and the display can only be realized when there is an external light source (whether it is ambient light or a backlight). However, the power consumption of the backlight is hundreds of times more than the power consumption of the liquid crystal display itself. Therefore, in the two types of liquid crystal displays with or without backlight, reflective liquid crystal displays have certain advantages.

However, the original TN and STN reflective liquid crystal displays have dark background color, poor contrast, and poor display effect due to the absorption of polarizers. Therefore, liquid crystal display manufacturers have stimulated their enthusiasm for the development of reflective liquid crystal displays in the competition for the effective use of external light sources of various liquid crystal displays and the pursuit of so-called "writable" display effects.

2. What are the different display modes of liquid crystal display?

The LCD display factory, which is specialized in LCD manufacturing, shared 3 display methods: reflective, transmissive and transflective type.

The reflective liquid crystal display uses external light for display, which has the advantages of energy saving and power saving. The TN liquid crystal device generally works in the reflective type. A reflective plate is added behind the bottom polarizer of the reflective liquid crystal display, which is generally used outdoors and in well-lit offices.

The bottom polarizer of the transmissive liquid crystal display is a fully transparent polarizer. It needs a backlight and can work in an environment where there is no light or poor light. This is the way LCD displays and LCD color TVs adopt.

The transflective LCD module is in between the above two, and the bottom polarizer can partially reflect light, and generally it also has a backlight. When the light is good, you can turn off the backlight; when the light is poor, you need to turn on the backlight.

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