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Points to Note when Using and Storing LCD Display Screens

When we usually use LCD display screens, we must reduce the damage caused by man-made causes, thereby reducing waste. What should I pay attention to when using and storing the LCD display screen?

Ⅰ. Points to note when using and storing the LCD display screen

1. Avoid vibration. The LCD display screen is a very fragile glass product, so strong impact and vibration should be avoided.

2. Prevent voltage fluctuations, which can cause flickering of the LCD display screen and cause visual discomfort. Due to the rapid frequency change, it may also interfere with the normal operation of the electronic components or ICs on the device, or burn out in severe cases.

3. Anti-electromagnetic interference: LCD screen panel should be kept away from a strong magnetic field. The surrounding strong magnetic field will generate additional voltage inside the LCD, which will affect the stability of LCD voltage. Long-term exposure to a strong magnetic field will also cause incorrect characters or random spots on the touch display module, which will affect the display effect and service life of the LCD display screen.

4. Pay attention to moisture: water is the natural enemy of liquid crystals. If the humidity is too high, condensation will form inside the LCD display screen, which will cause leakage and a short circuit, and the LCD screen will become blurred. Therefore, the LCD display screen should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment and should be frequently energized, so that the heat energy of the motor during operation evaporates the water in the equipment. Kingtech, a famous LCD module manufacturer, can provide high-quality custom LCD modules, please contact us for more information.


Ⅱ. Different connection methods of the LCD display screen

Kingtech Bar Type LCD Display With The Main Board

LCD display screens are generally connected to the PCB board through zebra strips, metal tube thick, panma paper, etc. to achieve the effect of driving the display. The metal pins lead out the electrode pins on the TFT LCD screen and directly connect with the metal pins. The elastomer connectors are easy to align, easier to assemble, and have a long service life. The elastomer connector surface is soft and flexible, and the driving force is strong, which is suitable for products with a large number of drive circuits. Heat seal connector is easy to use, stable in performance and can be bent arbitrarily.

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