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What Are the Main Reasons for Color Difference of TFT Display Screen?

In daily work, customers will give feedback on why different batches of TFT LCD screens have different display effects after lighting up? KINGTECH will show you the main reason for the chromatic aberration of TFT LCD screen.

1. The batch of TFT display screen backlight

The light source inside the backlight is a light bulb, the white light is composed of RGB three primary colors, and there is no single emission of white light. The wavelength of white light is 0.28~0.32 in the x-direction and 0.27~0.31 in the y-direction. The left and right values reflect the optics, which directly changes the display effect of the liquid crystal display panel. Therefore, different batches of TFT display screens emit slightly different colors.

2. Polarizer causes TFT display screen color difference

The polarizer is an optical film composed of multiple layers of polymer materials and has the function of generating polarized light. According to the different positions on the liquid crystal display, it can be roughly divided into two types: surface film and negative film, including polarizing layer, TAC layer, adhesive, peeling film, protective film, and reflective film. Different colors are refracted with different angles, and the display effect will also be different. Therefore, the polarizers produced in different batches of TFT displays and the polarizers produced in each batch are rotated according to different batches, resulting in different final effects.

3. Voltage causes TFT display screen color difference

Since the voltage of different batches of glass substrates will fluctuate by ±0.5V when leaving the factory, it's hard to adjust the output voltage to the same output voltage in production. Therefore, we usually recommend that customers add the function of adjusting the contrast on the software and hardware. It can be seen that the display effects of different batches of LCD screens are different, which are related to many aspects. TFT display manufacturer takes these factors into consideration. We will try our best to achieve the same color of the same batch according to the requirements of customers.

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