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Dynamic Image Display Principle of LCD Liquid Crystal Display

Ⅰ. The dynamic image of LCD liquid crystal display

Human visual organs (eyes) have the phenomenon of "visual residue" in the perception of moving images, that is high-speed moving pictures will form a brief impression in the brain. The principle of "visual residue" was applied in the early cartoons, movies and the latest game shows, making a series of gradual images displayed in rapid succession in front of people's eyes, thus forming dynamic images.

Ⅱ. The dynamic image display principle of LCD liquid crystal display

When multiple images are produced at more than 24 frames per second, the human eye perceives a continuous picture. That's how movies play at 24 frames per second. If the display speed is lower than this standard, people will obviously feel the pause and discomfort of the picture. Using this metric, each screen should take less than 40 ms. Fast moving pictures are displayed in high definition, and the average video speed is more than 60 frames per second. That is to say, the interval time of each active frame is 16.67ms. If the response time of the LCD liquid crystal display is longer than the interval time of each frame, people will feel that the picture is a little fuzzy when viewing fast-moving images. Response time is a special indicator of LCD liquid crystal display, which refers to the response speed of its pixels to input signals, that is the reaction time of LCD from "dark to bright" or from "bright to dark". The smaller the value, the better, the faster the response time to ensure a coherent picture. If the response time is too long, it is possible to make the LCD liquid crystal display in the dynamic image, there is a drag feeling. It generally have a response time of 2-5ms.

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