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How to Clean the TFT Module?

After the TFT module has been used for a period of time, the TFT screen often attracts dust (it is more obvious when the power is turned off), and sometimes it is accidentally stained with various water stains, which has a great impact on the visual effect. How should I clean the TFT module?

1. TFT module cleaning and maintenance

(1) First, turn off the power of the TFT LCD screen, and remove the plug of the power cord and the connector of the display screen.

(2) Move the TFT LCD screen to a place with better natural light, so that the position of dust can be seen clearly, which is more conducive to pertinence, so as to achieve a better cleaning effect.

(3) TFT module cleaning does not require any special solution or cloth. Experience tells us that clean water + a soft lint-free cloth or pure cotton lint-free cloth is the best cleaning tool for TFT displays (a lint-free paper towel is also fine). When cleaning, you can use a pure cotton lint-free cloth dipped in water and wring it out slightly, and then use a slightly damp soft lint-free damp cloth to gently wipe the dust on the display (do not squeeze the display too hard). On the other side, until completely wiped clean, do not wave.

Note: Do not wipe with hard cloth or paper. At the same time, do not use alcohol- or acetone-based cleaners or chemical-based cleaners, and do not spray liquids directly on the screen to prevent liquids from penetrating into the protective film.

(4) After cleaning the TFT module with a damp and soft cloth, it can be cleaned again with a wrung wet cloth. Finally, let the water dry naturally in a ventilated place.

2. Precautions for TFT module maintenance

(1) Avoid vibration

TFT LCD screens are very fragile and strong shocks and vibrations should be avoided. Do not put pressure on the TFT LCD, do not bump or squeeze on the back of the TFT module.

(2) Avoid using the screen for a long time

Working for a long time is not good for LCD. Be sure to power off the display if not in use. Likewise, use wallpapers and screen savers with caution when using LCD screens. Most of the wallpapers and screen savers have bright colors and strong changes in light and shade. Long-term use will distort the color of the LCD screen and affect the service life of the LCD screen. Therefore, when using the LCD screen, it is best to cancel the screen protection.

(3) Prevent electromagnetic interference

Whether it is a CRT or a TFT display, keep away from objects with strong magnetic fields. The surrounding strong magnetic field will generate extra voltage inside the display, which will affect the stability of the display voltage. Being in a strong magnetic field for a long time will also distort the color, thereby affecting the display effect and service life of the TFT module.

(4) Pay attention to moisture

Do not let any moisture enter the TFT module. If the indoor humidity is too high, frost may form inside the TFT module, resulting in leakage and short circuit of the LCD screen, and in severe cases, the display will be burned. For some areas with high humidity, the LCD screen can be placed in a warm and dry place, or the back of the TFT module can be periodically baked with a low-power desk lamp to evaporate the moisture.

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