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What Are the Requirements for the TFT Color Display?

With time passing, more and more industrial equipment has reached the 5.0 industry standard, choosing to use LCD screens to achieve intelligence. However, the LCD screen used in the industry is different from others, it has higher requirements and stricter standards. So what kind of requirements can the LCD screen meet to become a TFT color display?

1. The working temperature of the TFT color display

What exactly is an LCD screen? The liquid crystal in the LCD screen is actually a liquid substance, limited by the temperature. This temperature does not refer to the weather temperature, but refers to the temperature that the TFT colour display can withstand during the working process and the temperature that it can withstand when it is not working. One is the working temperature, and the other refers to the storage temperature. Temperature is an important indicator of TFT color display used in industry, which can affect the service life and the effect of the LCD screen. This also imposes certain restrictions on the use of the TFT colour display, which will cause irreversible effects when the TFT color display is used for a long time at the same temperature. Therefore, the TFT color display with wide temperature is more popular and can serve and work better.

2. The service life of TFT color display

Why is the service life of the TFT colour display important? Because in terms of industrial equipment, TFT color display also plays an important role. Generally speaking, the cost of industrial equipment is relatively high, and once a problem occurs, maintenance or repair will require a relatively large cost. If it is because of the TFT color display that the industrial equipment cannot work, there will be a great loss. Therefore, the TFT color display used in the industrial equipment is required to have a long life and be durable. However, many TFT color displays have a long production time, are required year-round supply, and are prone to production stoppages. Therefore, the service life of TFT color displays used in industry is basically 5-10 years, and some even exceed 10 years.

This article only talks about two requirements for the TFT color display. In fact, there are more requirements, not only temperature and service life, but also brightness, viewing angle, resolution. etc. If you want to know more details, you can check in Kingtech Group Co., Ltd. (KINGTECH).

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