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Causes of Chromatic Aberration of TFT Screen

The TFT screen is thin film transistor, it is one of the most common display screens in LCD. In the production process of TFT screen, we occasionally encounter some problems like there is a certain color difference on the TFT screen. The color of the TFT screen is different when put together. Today, Kingtech will tell you the causes for the TFT screen color difference.

1. The glass of different panel manufacturers causes the chromatic aberration of the TFT screen.

After being cut into pieces, the colors of different batches of glass from different glass panel manufacturers are various. At present, the major manufacturers of glass include BOE, AUO, Innolux, etc. And the panels produced by each manufacturer are finally assembled into small TFT screens and they have chromatic aberration.

2. Different backlight batches cause the chromatic aberration of the TFT screen.

The main component of the backlight is the LED lamp bead, and this is the most important component for the display to shine and brightly display. The white LED light is composed of three colors, which is commonly known as RGB. The deviation of the wavelength of the light from the left to the right will cause the LED optics to react, which directly causes the display effect of the liquid crystal panel to change slightly, resulting in the chromatic aberration of the TFT screen.

3. The different polarizers cause the chromatic aberration of the TFT screen

The polarizer is a kind of optical film that is compounded by multi-layer polymer materials and has the function of generating polarized light. According to the different use positions of the liquid crystal screen, it can be roughly divided into two types: the surface sheet and the negative film. The polarizer mainly consists of the polarizing layer, TAC layer, adhesive, peeling film, protective film, reflective film, and the polarizing film will reflect different colors with different angles, and the display effect will also be different. Therefore, the polarizers produced in different batches and the different rotation angles of the polarizers of different batches will affect the final result in each production.

The above are the causes of the color difference of TFT screens I sorted out. I believe everyone knows that TFT screens shipped in the same batch cannot have color differences. It is required to use the same batch of raw materials from the same manufacturer, so as to ensure that small TFT screens will not have color differences. Therefore, when purchasing TFT screens, you should pay attention to communicating with TFT screen manufacturers in advance about the color range and decide which range you can accept.

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