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What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention to in the Use of TFT Display?

TFT display screen is the core component of electronic equipment. We will pay special attention to the maintenance and maintenance of TFT display screen in the process of use. Today Ailson will discuss with you what aspects should be paid attention to in the use of TFT display screen.

1. Static electricity on TFT display screen

Static electricity is the killer feature of TFT display. This will shorten the life of the TFT display and damage the electronic components and screen. Whether it is an indoor TFT display or an outdoor TFT display, it is easy to generate static electricity, which brings safety problems to the TFT display. After the static electricity is installed through the ground wire, it can be transmitted to the ground in time. When operating the TFT display, you must wear a wrist strap to prevent the static electricity of the human body from causing damage to the screen.

2. TFT display condensation frost

Condensation is another major threat to TFT displays, which seriously affects industrial TFT displays for outdoor LCDs. Although we often waterproof outdoor TFT displays, moisture in the air can cause condensation. Water droplets will adhere to the surface of the PCB board and the TFT display module. If the waterproof treatment is not good, it will damage the PCB board and components, thereby reducing the service life of the LCD display, or even damage it. The TFT display should be waterproofed, or when purchasing a TFT display, an unofficial paint should be applied to the screen. In addition, TFT screen price should not be the only factor that is paid attention to, its waterproof performance is also important.

3. Low temperature of TFT display

Air temperature will affect the work of TFT display. The range of outdoor TFT display screen is -20R-C-70℃. Low temperature will reduce the activity of various parts of the semiconductor device, or even fail to start. Due to the low temperature, some plastic parts broke. Therefore, pay attention to the operating temperature of the TFT display when purchasing. Do not open the TFT display at low temperature, and check the TFT display regularly for damage. In the case of very low temperature, a heater can be installed on the TFT display.

Our KINGTECH has a full set of mature solutions in terms of static electricity, condensation frost and high and low temperature, so these aspects can be easily avoided. If you want to know more about TFT display, please pay attention to the official website of KINGTECH, click the online consultation button directly, and consult our professional customers, welcome to consult!

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