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What Is the LCD Display Assembly?

Screen is an important component of our intelligent terminal. Without the screen, intelligent terminal lacks soul and cannot achieve intelligent human-machine interaction. There are many names for different types of screens, but what does LCD standard LCD display assembly mean? Today, Ailive brings you dry goods sharing to tell you what is the LCD display assembly.

LCD liquid crystal display assembly structure

The main structure of LCD liquid crystal display assembly is the TFT screen and touch screen after bonding. The TFT screen includes LCD panel, FPC, backlight, and IC module. The single module realizes the display function, while the touch screen includes the cover plate and SENSER, which is mainly responsible for touch control. These two components are combined to form the LCD display assembly.

Functions of LCD liquid crystal display assembly

What functions can TFT screen and touch screen combined in the LCD display assembly achieve? The first is to display the picture, but simply displaying is not enough for operation. The touch screen is for touch function, and these two parts combined can both display and touch. Therefore, the commonly seen touch-screen mobile phones are based on this principle, with multiple layers, each of which can achieve different functions.

Industry applications of LCD liquid crystal display assembly

The application of LCD standard LCD display assembly is very extensive. Almost all kinds of terminal products in different industries can use the LCD display assembly to achieve display and touch functions. Common industries include: handheld terminal, high-end mobile phone, smart home, Internet of things devices, health care, artificial intelligence, video phone, intercom, etc.

The LCD liquid crystal display industry is transforming from extensive development to refined production. The pace of restructuring is also accelerating. The increase in concentration has spurred large enterprises and high-quality brands. In the future, the industry will become more concentrated and the pattern will continue to change. In recent years, industrial manufacturing has gradually separated from traditional manual manufacturing. Some manufacturers have realized intelligent integrated manufacturing by using intelligent production equipment. The transformation of enterprises from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" is currently quite forward-looking, and more enterprises will play a greater role in "intelligent manufacturing" in the future.

By now, you almost understand what LCD liquid crystal display assembly means. Assembly generally refers to a collection of multiple components that can achieve a certain function. In addition to the display industry, the automotive industry and the mechanical industry often use the term assembly. Ailive Technology is a professional manufacturer specializing in TFT screens and touch screen assembly. Welcome to inquire.

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