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What Are the Specifications for LCD Monitor Assembly?

LCD liquid crystal display is widely used nowadays, and many high-tech industries are using it. Since it is widely used, people also want to know how to install and use it correctly, so that LCD will operate better. Liquid crystal display is screen plus back light plus PCB board plus frame in short. LCD are components that assemble liquid crystal device and controller, drive circuit and circuit board PCB. It can connect with computer directly. This kind of LCD shall be used in accordance with general notes as well as the following matters needing attention for using and assembling:

1. LCD liquid crystal display embedded gasket

LCD liquid crystal display is better to add a gasket about 0.1mm between LCD and front panel. The panel shall keep absolutely flat. Please ensure it will not produce twisting force after assembly and will improve seismic performance.

2. LCD liquid crystal display embedded protective film

There is a layer of protective film on the surface of assembled finished liquid crystal display, in order to avoid polluting the surface when assembling. The film shall not be peeled off before the whole product is assembled, in order to avoid polluting the display surface.

3. LCD liquid crystal display preventing static electricity

The control circuit and drive circuit of electric appliances are CMOS circuits of low voltage and low power, and can be easily broken through by static electricity. However, human bodies sometimes may produce high-voltage static electricity up to tens of volts or hundreds of volts. So be careful during operation, assembly and application, preventing static electricity. Therefore:

(1) If you shall contact directly, you shall keep the same electric potential, or keep a good ground. The most important is that don't touch LCD outer lead, circuit and metal frame of circuit board randomly.

(2) The operation tools such as electric screwdriver must ground well without electric leakage. The major is that electric soldering iron for welding must ground well without leakage.

(3) The floor, bench, chair, shelf, cart and tool room shall form resistance contact, to keep on the same electric potential, otherwise static electricity will appear.

(4) Don't use vacuum cleaner to tidy LCD, because it will produce strong static electricity. Be careful when taking out or putting back packing bag or moving it, and try not to produce static electricity. Don't randomly change or abandon original packages.

(5) Dry air will also produce static electricity; therefore, workshop humidity shall keep above RH60%.

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