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The Display Principles and Characteristics of TFT Module

1. The display principle of the TFT module

The TFT module is called a thin film transistor liquid crystal display module. Simply put, the TFT module refers to a TFT liquid crystal display with a solution and a drive. The TFT module is that each LCD pixel on the LCD screen is driven by a film transistor integrated behind it, so as to achieve high-speed, high-brightness, and high-contrast display information. LCD liquid crystal display screens need voltage to control the generation of gray scales, and the display screen that uses the voltage generated by thin film transistors to control the turning of LCD molecules is called TFT display screen.

2. Features of TFT module

(1) Good TFT module technical characteristics: With the maturity and stability of the technology, the yield of large-scale industrial production reaches 90%. TFT module is suitable for industrial control equipment with high degree of automation, medium and large medical equipment and other fields.

(2) Large size and high resolution: All displays and projection planes within 1-40 inches are full-size display terminals. From simple monochrome character graphics to high resolution, more realistic colors, and high brightness, there are TFT LCD screens of various sizes on the market.

(3) Thin structure: flat, light and thin, greatly saving raw materials and use space.

(4) Strong availability: low voltage application, low driving voltage, solid use, improving safety and reliability.

(5) Strong ability to adapt to the environment: ordinary LCD panels can work normally in the temperature range of minus 20-50 degrees Celsius, while the reinforced industrial TFT display can work normally at the working temperature of minus 80 degrees Celsius.

(6) Wide range of applications. The LCD panel display based on TFT module technology is the pillar industry of the information society, and the technology can also be applied to the fast-growing thin film transistor, and the organic electroluminescent panel display is also growing rapidly.

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