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Kingtech PV05036B0140H is a 5.0 inch tranflective TFT Full color LCD module. Transflective LCD panel needs to be implemented during LCD design. It uses silver ions, ordinary TFT uses aluminum ions. Its polarizer is very special. The two special materials are the reason of the higher cost. This item is with 800x480dots, that makes it shows a very clear readable display performance. Although its brightness is only 200nits, however in sunlight, it can be seen clearly since its backlight is off so light display contents are obviously shown in black blackground.

This item interface is RGB interface, 40pins, very common interface, easier to be compatible and even a  drop-in replacements for some existing projects.

This item can adjust backlight automatically according to the working environment. When in dark place, the backlight will turn on. So the display can show clearly also.

Generally the brightness of transflective LCD can reach up to 150nits, it is enough. And it is hard to make higher brightness, since LCD penetrate ratio is low.

It is sunlight readable. Its LCD panel is with Transflective lcd makes it sunlight readable although its brightness is only 200nits.It consumes lower power. In the sunlight, its backlight will be off. And in dark, its backlight will be turned on automatically. No matter how’s the weather, the display is readable. Its resolution is 800x480dots, RGB interface. This item is designed for outdoor usage.

Features of 5.0-PV05036B0140H

  • Transflective LCD

  • Wide temperature

  • Low  brightness

  • Low power consumption

  • Designed for outdoor application

Specification of 5.0-PV05036B0140H

ItemTransflective 5.0 inch 800x480 LCD module
Model No.PV05036B0140H
Outline Dimension (mm)120.70*75.80*5.0
Active Area (mm)108*64.8
Viewing Angle6 o'clock
InterfaceRGB Interface
Pin nums40
Driving IC/
Operating Temperature-20℃~70℃
Storage Temperature-30℃~80℃
Touch screen/
ApplicationOutdoor application, handheld device, E-bike

Application of 5.0-PV05036B0140H

  • It is applicable for outdoor sunlight readable, like high end handheld device, E-bike stopwatch, E-bike, Vechile.

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