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Kingtech PV07041P0120S is a 7-inch 800x480 dots LCD module using IPS TFT-LCD technology.Its TFT LCD panel is filled wide temperature special LCD crystal. It supports 6/8bit LVDS, low voltage, low power consumption, and high speed transmission. Its work temperature is -30-85C. It is suitable for automotive, outdoor device, transportation, Oven, Outdoor, can work in harsh environment.

Features of 7.0-PV07041P0120S

  • Special Ultra-wide temperature LCD crystal

  • Brightness can be customized/Sunlight readable/High brightness/Outdoor

  • LVDS interface, fast transmission speed.

  • Free/All/Full/Wide viewing angle

  • Fast response time

  • Wide operating temperature

  • Reversible scan function

  • 6/8 bit convertible

  • High Color gamut ( NTSC: 72% )

Specification of 7.0-PV07041P0120S

Item7.0 inch IPS 800x480 WVGA LCD module
Model No.PV07041P0120S
Outline Dimension (mm)165*104.09*5.3
Active Area (mm)152.4*91.44
Viewing AngleAll
Interface6/8bit LVDS
Pin nums20
Driving IC/
PIN No.20
Operating Temperature-30~85C
Storage Temperature-40~95C
Touch screenOptional
ApplicationAutomative, outdoor device, Motorcycle, Transportation

Application of 7.0-PV07041P0120S

  • The 7-inch 800x480 can work normally in various harsh environments, and is especially suitable for products that have operating temperature requirements such as navigation equipment, ship instruments, and, outdoor, automobile instruments.

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