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Kingtech PV07064Y0140R is a wide temperature 7.0 inch LCD module using IPS TFT-LCD technology. Its LCD panel is with wide temperature special crystal, can work under -30-85degree, and store temperature can reach -40-90. Its resolution is 1280*768dots, providing a super clear and vivid image.With Full Viewing angle, you can see clearly the display from different direction.It support LVDS interface. Its brightness can reach 1000nits with a backlight 8*3LED. It is designed for outdoor application. It is with a compatible capacitive touch. Kingtech supports stable supply. And we support LCD display related customization, such as FPC, Backlight, Touch, driver board, etc

Features of 7.0-PV07064Y0140R

  • Wide temperature-30-85C, Storage temperature -40-90C.

  • High brightness/Outdoor/Sunlight readable

  • 7inch 1280*768 high definition

  • LVDS interface

  • Full/All/Free/Wide/IPS Viewing angle

  • Designed for outdoor application, Automotive

  • Life-time 50000h

Specification of 7.0-PV07064Y0140R

ItemUltra Wide temp7.0 inch IPS LCD module
Model No.PV07064Y0140R
Outline Dimension (mm)168.36*109.10*6.03
Active Area (mm)152.448*91.4688
Viewing AngleAll
Driving ICHX8664-B+HX8264-E
PIN No.40
Operating Temperature-30~85C
Storage Temperature-40~90C
Touch screenOptional
ApplicationOutdoor application, Surveillance video, Transportation Camera, Truck, Automotive, Advertising, Ship

Application of 7.0-PV07064Y0140R

  • It is applicable for Outdoor application, Surveillance video, Transportation Camera, Truck, Automotive, Advertising, Ship.

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