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Kingtech PV08017H0140T is 8.0 inch LCD module using IPS TFT-LCD technology. Resolution is 800x1280dots, providing a very clear and vivid image. With Full Viewing angle, you can see clearly the display from different direction. It supports RGB interface. Its brightness can reach 600nits.  Kingtech supports stable supply. And we support LCD display related customization, such as FPC, Backlight, Touch, Cover glass, driver board, etc.

Features of 8.0-PV08017H0140T

  • Portrait

  • High definition 800x1280

  • Full Viewing angle

  • Portable

  • Touch Optional

Specification of 8.0-PV08017H0140T

Item8.0 inch IPS 800*1280 LCD module
Model No.PV08017H0140T
Outline Dimension (mm)114.6*184.1*2.45
Active Area (mm)107.64*172.22
Viewing Angle12 o'clock
Pin nums40
Driving ICEK79029
Operating Temperature-20℃~70℃
Storage Temperature-30℃~80℃
Touch screen/
ApplicationIndustrial, Medical, Tablet, Navigation, Digital Camera

Application of 8.0-PV08017H0140T

  • It is applicable for Industrial, Medical, Tablet, Navigation, Digital Camera

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