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What Are the Common Resolutions of a 4.3-Inch TFT LCD Screen?

4.3 inch TFT LCD screen has been widely used in industries such as industrial, medical, smart home, etc. It can provide various interfaces and brightness, and bring different touch functions to different industries, realizing human-computer interaction. ALPS has been producing 4.3 inch LCD displays for many years, with standard sizes and stocks available. With short lead time for bulk purchases and continuous production throughout the year, ALPS has abundant resources and offers prices that are rarely seen in the market. However, the quality is absolutely reliable. ALPS always puts the product quality of 4.3 inch TFT LCD screen first. The 4.3 inch TFT LCD screen is not only sold in China, but also has a large sales volume overseas. Below are some 4.3 inch LCD screen resolutions.

480*272 4.3 inch LCD display

This product has a resolution of 480*272 and is a landscape-oriented product, generally used in industrial environments, instruments, and meters. The brightness can be customized, currently with a normal brightness of around 400, a high brightness of around 800, and even higher brightness can be customized. The interface is a standard TFT interface, which is convenient for debugging. It has multiple working temperature ranges, reaching -20℃~70℃. The 480*272 inch LCD screen is available in both TN and 4.3 inch TFT LCD screens for users to choose from.

800*480 4.3 inch LCD display

The 4.3 inch 800*480 LCD is a higher resolution LCD display. It is also part of the landscape display and has a wide range of applications in various industries such as medical, industrial control, etc. The brightness can reach around 400-1500. The interface is mainly an RGB interface. It belongs to the wide temperature series. The 800*480 4.3 inch LCD display is mainly IPS, supporting custom touch screens, and also offering standard touch screens for selection.

Qualified LCD screen manufacturers generally provide inspection and testing reports for 4.3 inch displays, including measured brightness, contrast, viewing angle, saturation, functional test results, appearance test results, and aging test results. By reviewing detailed screen inspection and testing reports, it is generally possible to determine the quality of the 4.3 inch display.

4.3 inch LCD display is one of KINGTECH' best-selling products, providing customers with products of different resolutions, interfaces, and brightness parameters. If you are looking for related products, don't miss KINGTECH, a trustworthy manufacturer of 4.3 inch LCD screens.

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